The Comeback of the American Dream

February 4, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Channel's Mornings with Maria to highlight the juxtaposition between Democrats' political obsession with impeaching President Trump, and President Trump's pro-growth leadership which has fueled the comeback of the American dream.

Whip Scalise emphasized President Trump's achievements on cutting taxes, rebuilding our military, and signing the historic USMCA into law. Because of President Trump's hard work, the country is doing great and the President has a great story on American optimism to deliver at tonight's State of the Union.

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On Americans being fed up with Speaker Pelosi’s impeachment vendetta:
"You listen to Speaker Pelosi, and Adam Schiff, and all these other impeachment hoax fanatics, they’re going to try to impeach [President Trump] again maybe, they're leaving that door open. Because first of all, there's such a disaster on the Democrat side. Do you really think they would want to be talking about impeachment if they were proud of their field of candidates to run against him? So, look, he's going to be acquitted. He will, by the way, be only the second President in history to be acquitted with a majority vote in the Senate. Andrew Johnson was almost removed from office, literally just one vote away, whereas Donald Trump will be acquitted by an overwhelming majority vote, and I think that shows that the country's fed up with what the Democrats are doing, it's a personal vendetta. [Americans] want to see our Congress working to lower drug prices, to get an infrastructure bill, to secure our border, that's what they'd like us to work on instead of what Pelosi has done for this last year, wasting her majority on this obsession with impeaching the President because her radical left base is still angry that he won the 2016 election."
On President Trump’s promising story of American optimism to tell at the State of the Union:
"I think, Maria, you're going to hear President Trump talk about the optimism of the country, how great things are going for families that were struggling. For eight years, you had millions of people that gave up on the American dream because it wasn't out there for so many people. We had lost our middle class in this country and it's coming back. It's coming back because of the policies and the hard work of President Trump. We're able to do work with him on cutting taxes, what the President's done getting regulations under control, focusing on building our military. Look, I was at the White House last week when he signed the USMCA deal, how many times had you and I talked about USMCA? If Speaker Pelosi would just put it on the Floor it would pass overwhelmingly, and she sat on [USMCA] for six months because she didn't want [President Trump] to get a victory. Well, it's not only a major victory for President Trump, it's a major victory for American workers. Here in Iowa, farmers are going to benefit from [USMCA], all over the country. And so, it's finally law now because President Trump has worked. And so, he's got a great story to tell. Think again, it is a real important juxtaposition, while they're so fixated with this political obsession of impeaching him, he's just focused on working for the hardworking families of this country who elected him to go out there and deliver on the promises that he's followed through on. He's got a great story to tell. The country's doing great."
On President Trump’s pro-growth policies for hardworking American families:

"Well, look, the President has been on top of [coronavirus] and what you talked about, he's been calling for Tax Cuts 2.0 for a long time now. I know Kevin Brady was the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, who wrote the tax cuts bill with the President, they have talked a lot about things that we can do to get another round, like you said. Making the tax cuts permanent is important to remove that uncertainty, but then going even further, especially for our entry level workers, for our middle class that's just coming back. We've got a lot of growth opportunities still out there."

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