Republican Policies Lead to Job Growth, Democrat Policies Would Eliminate 3.7M of Them

July 10, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network's Mornings with Maria to discuss the record economic growth America is experiencing thanks to pro-growth Republican policies under President Trump's leadership. He contrasted this growth with the radical proposals being brought forward by Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats like free health care for illegal immigrants or the minimum wage hike that would eliminate 3.7 million jobs.

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On the economy and future of USCMA:

"You know, I think you are seeing two different things happen. Just last week you saw over 240,000 new jobs created, so there are still good signs. I do think we need to get beyond these trade talks, wars, get rid of the tariffs, but, ultimately, get to better agreements for America. It needs to start with USMCA.

“There is no reason why that bill hasn't come to the floor and passed already. Speaker Pelosi needs to schedule that for a vote that will help create more jobs and remove some of the uncertainty. Then, let us focus all of our attention on China. Not just America, but all of our friends around the world want us to take on China because they know we are the only ones who can. If we do that, if we get that resolved, and get beyond these trade issues that are hanging a cloud over our economy, I think the best is yet to come.”

On the broken immigration system attracting increased levels of illegal immigration:

“I met with the [Acting] Secretary of Homeland Security a few days ago to talk about the crisis and what things he needs from Congress that Congress wasn’t doing. We are finally starting to get them some relief. He made the point to say, that when Mexico finally engaged—President Trump had hung those tariffs over their head—they ultimately said, 'We will help with the crisis.’

"They put thousands of their own agents at their southern border and it’s had over 20% drop in people coming across the Mexican southern border illegally. We still have too high of a number coming over right now. The big thing—and even Mexican officials tell us this—it is the broken asylum laws in America, which are a magnet telling people to come here illegally. They know they can read from a script. Many of them, by the way, have turned down asylum in Mexico. How can you have a credible claim for asylum when you turned it down from another country you came through?

"They are coming here in droves, in many cases, of 3 and 4 thousand people a day illegally. They are abusing young kids, in many cases, by bringing them over because they know that is their ticket in. They get a certificate to be here at least five years before a court date, and what the secretary told me is that over 75% of those people don't show up for the court date five years later. This is a broken system that needs to be fixed. It takes congressional action. You need to change the law. President Trump has identified that he wants this solved. We need to get it solved quickly.”

On the steps President Trump has taken to solve the border crisis, while Speaker Pelosi refuses to act:

“The President has pushed the envelope as far as he can. He's done things by executive action that have had a positive impact. He’s worked with Mexico, and got Mexico to help and engage, which has had a positive impact.

"Still, when Jeh Johnson, President Obama's Homeland Security Secretary, is saying how bad it is today at the border that tells you how bad it is. Yet Pelosi doesn't want to address the problem. She wants it as a political issue, so she won't bring any bill to the floor to solve this problem.

"I think people are fed up with this. They are looking at it. They are watching every Democrat on the presidential stage say they want free taxpayer benefits, free health care for people here illegally, when seniors are paying more and waiting in longer lines, when people with preexisting conditions, in many cases, are paying a $10 thousand deductible. They want to give it away for free to people here illegally. I think that people are watching this."

On the likelihood of Speaker Pelosi bringing USMCA up for a vote:

“I think it is definitely possible that happens. I would like to see that happen. We are willing to work. I've already got a whip team in place specifically for USMCA. Kevin Brady, the Republican head of the Ways and Means Committee, and I have met with our teams. We are ready to help deliver the lion's share of votes. It’s a big win for the country, not just a Republican win. Democrats win, the unions win, America is better off with USMCA than current law, NAFTA. We've got to get it done. Let's create more jobs in our economy.”

On Democrats' plan to set a $15 minimum wage:

“Speaker Pelosi wants to bring this bill to the floor that would eviscerate millions of jobs. We have seen in that CBO report that as many as 3.7 million jobs in America would go away. That’s the entire state of Oklahoma. That is how massive their job loss would be. They don't address it at all. They’re not concerned about that. They recognize that it is a real problem for them. They might have trouble bringing that bill to the floor because so many Democrats are afraid to vote for a bill that will eliminate millions of jobs.

"In that same report, CBO talks about how it will push millions more Americans below the poverty line. They will literally create more families in poverty in America with that bill. We've got wage growth right now without that bill because there is a shortage of workers, as you know—millions of openings for jobs, good-paying jobs, with really good wages that are growing. Why would they want to go and bring a bill that is not only going to destroy that job growth, but literally lead to the evisceration of 3.7 million jobs, which is the entire state of Oklahoma?”

On the divide between pro-growth Republican policies and Democrat welfare proposals:

“Look at what is happening right now in the economy. We are seeing the lowest unemployment amongst African-Americans, amongst Hispanics, in the history of our country. We're seeing wage growth go up. It had been stagnant for over 8 years—under Obama—for 8 years, every single quarter there had been less than 2% growth. Now we are finally seeing growth really high. We're seeing wages go up. Let’s get more of that; let's have more wage growth, not less. Why would you want to eliminate that?

"In the last few years, we have seen women-owned small business increase by 50%. Why would you want to bring policies that are going to destroy that, that are going to undermine that? So I think this shows the country the big divide between Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

"Most Democrats in America don't want to see their wages evaporate. They don't want to see some of the things the Democrats are proposing like the Green New Deal, and Medicare For All, which eliminates the entire private health insurance market with free insurance for people here illegally. That shows you the big divide in Washington. There is a disconnect between Nancy Pelosi and Middle America all across this country.”

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