Robust Support for USMCA: What They're Saying

December 19, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the House prepares to consider the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), support for President Trump's hard-negotiated trade deal has been strong among a wide range of conservative voices, as well as business and industry groups. Passing the USMCA trade deal will be a major boost for our economy, and will provide more than 160,000 new jobs, which is a huge win for American workers.

Once USMCA is ratified, the United States can continue working to get better trade deals with other countries around the world who have already recognized that their economies will also benefit if they treat America more fairly in our outdated trade deals. House Republicans stand ready to push this important trade agreement over the finish line.

Take a look at what they’re saying…

“The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement represents a significant step forward in terms of transparency, regulatory fairness and ensuring open access to the markets of all three countries.  The agreement includes new provisions that apply to medical devices that will foster greater patient access to the latest medical technology innovations and further regulatory harmonization.” 

“USMCA provides the stability and predictability that we need for our companies to invest in the region as we grow our footprint.” American Apparel & Footwear Association
“—we believe that USMCA makes a number of improvements to NAFTA: Makes intellectual property protection uniform in North America, updates rules of origin for certain sectors, modernizes customs procedures that will facilitate trade, increases the de minimis for Canada and Mexico which will benefit small and medium size businesses selling to consumers in those markets.” 
 –American Association of Exporters and Importers
“The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is a critical step towards strengthening our workforce, country and neighbors. The beverage industry employs more than 264,000 hard-working Americans, contributes $189 billion in direct economic impact and provides $20.8 billion in wages and benefits. On behalf of America’s leading beverage companies, we applaud the Administration and Congressional leaders for their commitment to creating a more prosperous outlook for our industry and the communities we serve – and we urge Congress to swiftly consider and pass this trade agreement.” 
American Beverage Association

“The USMCA contains several positive elements for the life insurance industry. ACLI is particularly pleased that USMCA modernizes NAFTA by including actionable commitments against data localization, providing certainty for American insurance and reinsurance providers in both Mexico and Canada.” 
American Council of Life Insurers
“The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) today, [is] an important step in preserving free trade across North America.  The seamless movement of goods between our nations – via private railroads, as well as trucks – makes our economies stronger and more competitive.” 
Association of American Railroads
“The USMCA would bring significant added value to our industry, to the economy, and to continued efforts to protect human health and the environment throughout the region.  It’s time to put this agreement to work for all Americans.” 
American Chemistry Council
“We urge members of Congress to swiftly approve the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. … This is an opportunity for Congress not only to help U.S. farmers and ranchers turn the corner on trade, but also show that Washington can still get things done on a bipartisan basis.” 
American Farm Bureau Federation
“USMCA ratification will also benefit American farmers, as the deal is projected to increase agriculture exports by more than $314 million. Through USMCA negotiations, Canada agreed to open market access to American farmers who wish to sell dairy, poultry, and eggs in Canada. In return, Canada will have access to American dairy and peanut products—the USMCA is a good trade deal that will benefit American workers, businesses, and innovators. Now that an agreement has finally been reached, Congress should ratify USMCA.” 
Americans for Tax Reform
“In key areas, USMCA will bring the rules that govern trade between our three markets into line with the new reality of how insurance trade is conducted today." 
American Insurance Association  

“The new agreement builds on this success by establishing new rules of origin that will further incentivize the use of North American steel in the manufacturing of automobiles and other steel-intensive goods in North America.  The agreement also improves on the original NAFTA by creating new rules to address currency manipulation and state-owned enterprises, and by promoting increased cooperation and information sharing between the three North American governments to address circumvention and evasion of our trade and customs laws.  We believe these enhancements provide valuable improvements to the text of the original NAFTA that will help keep our manufacturing supply chains strong throughout North America.” 
American Iron and Steel Institute

“Having Canada as a trading partner and a party to this agreement is critical for North American energy security and U.S. consumers.  Retaining a trade agreement for North America will help ensure the U.S. energy revolution continues into the future.” 
American Petroleum Institute

“Once approved by Congress, a finalized U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement will bring stability back to the North American markets.  Under NAFTA, U.S. soy exports to Canada and Mexico were almost $3 billion in 2017, and U.S. soy exports to Mexico have grown four-fold under the agreement.” 
American Soybean Association

“Signing this improved trade agreement will strengthen America’s relationships with our nearest neighbors and put us all in a position to grow the North American economy.  That economic growth will be a boon to the American trucking industry – which already moves 82% of the freight that crosses the Mexican border and 68% that crosses our border with Canada – as well as to consumers in all three countries.” 
American Trucking Association

 “Council of the Americas (COA) welcomes the announcement by the governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States that they have reached an agreement for a new trilateral pact that will replace the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.” 
Council of the Americas

“Modernizing and maintaining important trade benefits in North America will help sustain and enhance Canadian and Mexican market access for America’s farmers, ranchers and food manufacturers.  It also supports job creation and America’s rural economies, and benefits producers and consumers in all three countries." 
Archer Daniels Midland Company  

 “This is a good day for North America.  The signing of the USMCA by each country preserves and modernizes the trilateral trade relationship that has made North America the globe’s most competitive region for the last nearly quarter century.” 
Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
“The USMCA promises to spur even greater integration among the North American economies and strengthen the region’s stature as a formidable global manufacturing base.  Improving the manufacturing competitiveness of North America will unlock more growth, innovation and job creation, benefiting people across the continent and the world.” 
Association Connecting Electronics Industries
 “A North American trade agreement is key in maintaining economic growth in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  AHAM looks forward to working with the administration and others to secure ratification of the USMCA in Congress and in Canada.” 
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
 “AT&T applauds the White House, the United States Trade Representative, Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Neal for their tremendous work and dedication to reach a bipartisan agreement on USMCA.  This effort to modernize digital trade rules has far reaching implications for investment, innovation and future jobs for American workers.  We look forward to the prompt introduction of legislation to finalize this critical trade deal.” 
“Strong digital trade provisions in North America will not only drive future software innovation across the region, but should also serve as a model for the inclusion of strong digital trade provisions in future trade agreements, including with the United Kingdom, Japan, and the World Trade Organization.” 
BSA | The Software Alliance
“USMCA includes many gold-standard provisions, further opens markets and sets new standards that can benefit workers, businesses and farmers across broad industry sectors – including new rules supporting the digital economy and trade, promoting the free flow of data for all sectors, enhancing trade facilitation and e-commerce and supporting small businesses by cutting red tape. Building off the current foundation of duty-free trilateral trade and integrated supply chains across North America, USMCA, once in effect, will increase U.S. jobs, exports and economic growth.” 
Business Roundtable
“The provisions of the NAFTA with Canada and Mexico have been beneficial for U.S. industries, agricultural enterprises, farmers, ranchers, energy companies and automakers.” 
California Chamber of Commerce
“For nearly 25 years, the economic integration of the United States, Mexico and Canada has helped to ensure the prosperity of farmers and businesses in all three nations.  We look forward to working with Congress to pass the USMCA, and thereby take a major step toward bringing back the confidence of trade flows between these critical trading partners.” 
“Arizona businesses and workers rely on free trade agreements!” 
Chandler, Arizona Chamber of Commerce
“USMCA includes several provisions that are important to the financial services industry, including protections for the free flow of data, providing greater certainty as we transition to a digital economy. The Agreement also provides important intellectual property and fair competition protections that will encourage investment and job creation across North America.” 
“We are encouraged by the modernized financial services chapter and commend the U.S. negotiators for securing strong language that will prohibit data localization in the region.” 
“Mexico and Canada are the two largest export markets for refined corn products, averaging over $900 million in shipments per year.  CRA is pleased that the USMCA maintains the zero tariffs that were originally achieved for corn wet milled products under NAFTA, as well as the expansion and improvements to critical text concerning sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures, good regulatory practices, customs procedures, and cooperation on biotechnology.” 
Corn Refiners Association

“When fully implemented, the milestone USMCA will modernize NAFTA to reflect the massive changes in the global services landscape over the last quarter century. Specifically, the cross-border services, financial services, telecommunications, and digital trade chapters will benefit the entire spectrum of U.S. services suppliers and the sectors they support such as manufacturing and agriculture.” 
Coalition of Services Industries

“The USMCA sets a high standard for future free trade agreements and will positively impact the growth of American startups.” 
“Bringing this trilateral agreement into the 21st century is a significant achievement that could, if implemented to maximize the benefits it envisions, accelerate the flow of goods through supply chains and create a more competitive business environment across the continent.” 
Express Association of America
“This is welcome news and a relief for American farmers. Now it’s time to get the bill passed before politics can get in the way. Farmers and ranchers will be watching closely to ensure that their members of Congress are standing up for American agriculture.” 
Farmers for Free Trade

“The new USMCA is good for Ford jobs, our dealerships, our suppliers and the families and communities that depend on us. It allows the U.S. auto industry to be globally competitive, encourages U.S. research and development in this new era of mobility, and provides a framework to support good paying jobs in the U.S.” 

“General Motors is pleased to see the USMCA agreement moving forward on a path toward approval.  We view the agreement as vital to the success of the North American auto industry and have long supported efforts to modernize it in a way that strengthens the industry and positions it to be a global leader.” 
General Motors
“The cold chain industry plays a critical role in the trade of perishable commodities in North America and globally.  With members in all three USMCA countries, the Global Cold Chain Alliance strongly supports the swift ratification of the agreement to promote increased trade in the region.” 
Global Cold Chain Alliance
 “#USMCA's state-of-the-art rules on digital trade will position North America to forge new opportunities from technology -- benefiting small and large businesses, workers, consumers, and creators.” 

“These critical updates help to modernize the rules of the game governing the trade relationship with Arizona’s most important trading partners in the world.  The USMCA will help Arizona further capitalize on these assets – attracting more businesses and bringing more jobs here – by providing a sound framework for companies to invest.” 
Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey 

“The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has been welcomed into rural America with open arms." 
Governor of Missouri, Michael L. Parson

“The USMCA provides stronger Rules of Origin, new provisions to protect intellectual property and trade in services, and new chapters focusing on digital trade and anticorruption.  These important updates modernize rules governing our trade relationship with our most important trade partners.” 
Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
“Conclusion of the USMCA negotiations will allow American manufacturers and investors to move forward with increased confidence in a positive business climate. Freer and more open trade puts American families, businesses, workers, and farmers first by reducing prices on goods, increasing exports to our neighbors and the world, and creating more and higher paying jobs as a result of increased economic activity.” 
Heritage Foundation
“This landmark agreement takes important steps to modernize the trade rules for the region, including enabling the digital economy.” 

“We acknowledge and applaud the trilateral effort between the American, Canadian and Mexican governments in developing a modernized trade agreement that will facilitate open markets, streamline exports and lower trade barriers within our integrated economies.” 
Household & Commercial Products Association

“USMCA will prevent the establishment of new trade barriers in cyberspace, and will protect intellectual property that is vital to an innovative data economy.” 

“The USMCA represents a victory for the entire American economy.  Strong provisions in the agreement allow for the free flow of information across borders, prohibit forced data localization, and establish robust intermediary liability protections that ensure internet services can both host and moderate content on their platforms.” 
Internet Association
“The USMCA promotes the seamless flow of data across borders.  This is essential to the vibrancy of the international economy and ensures American businesses and entrepreneurs can easily access data and provide services to partners in Canada and Mexico.” 
Information Technology Industry Council
“IADC is pleased to see the advancement of a new trade agreement with all three countries at the table.  A trade agreement that promotes the swift movement of equipment and personnel across the borders in North America is important to IADC’s membership.” 
International Association of Drilling Contractors
“With a smooth path ahead for the USMCA agreement, America’s dairy industry anticipates a bright future and continued growth through exports to Canada and Mexico. Once ratified, the new USMCA deal also delivers peace of mind for our businesses, removing the handcuffs of uncertainty that have constrained business decisions over the past two years as the deal was negotiated.” 
International Dairy Foods Association

“From supply chain management to planned expansions, stability and an even international playing field by virtue of the USMCA will help American franchise businesses thrive.” 
International Franchise Association

"The USMCA updates NAFTA for the internet and smartphone age. The agreement would massively benefit American small businesses, while also making environmental and labor union reforms. It is truly bipartisan." 
Job Creators Network
"USMCA enjoys bipartisan support among U.S. mayors, and we hope similar support exists in both chambers of Congress. We therefore urge you to schedule a vote on the USMCA implementing bill as soon as possible." 
Letter from 28 U.S. Mayors

“Louisiana businesses export more than $12 billion to Canada and Mexico every year. The passage of USMCA is critical to a range of industries – manufacturing and agriculture in particular – opening access to markets and increasing commerce for employers, workers, farmers, and fishers through a fair, enforceable, modern agreement. LABI urges Congress to swiftly approve USMCA.” –Louisiana Association of Business and Industry

“It sets a new standard for how trade agreements can foster growth, innovation, and economic inclusion in the digital age.” 

“Strong intellectual property protections and increased market access are imperative to America’s creative community.” 
Motion Picture Association of America 

“NAHB commends President Trump and House Democrats for working together in a bipartisan spirit to reach an agreement on approving the USMCA trade deal, which represents a win for the U.S. economy, a win for American jobs and a win for housing affordability. Many of the products that go into American homes come from Mexico or Canada.  By moving swiftly to ratify the USMCA, Congress will help to address the nation’s housing affordability crisis.” 
National Association of Home Builders
“The signing of the USMCA is a landmark milestone for American manufacturing workers.  Manufacturers called for a trilateral agreement, and this moves us one step closer to restoring certainty to the North American market, the biggest market for U.S. exports in the world.” 
National Association of Manufacturers

“—the USMCA is estimated to stimulate up to 1 billion square feet in additional logistics warehouses in the first 5 years of its passage. The agreement also modernizes customs procedures, facilitating foreign buyers’ purchase of property by making it easier for Canadians, Mexicans, and Americans to enter and leave our respective nations–[for] the numerous positive impacts they have on our members, clients, and consumers across the continent, NAR, CREA, and AMPI support and urge swift ratification of the USMCA by the House.” 
National Association of Realtors 
“USMCA captures the original intentions of NAFTA while improving some of the provisions for wheat growers. A yes vote for USMCA means more jobs for Americans, stronger export markets for farmers to sell their crop, and billions of dollars added to the economy.”  
National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG)
“On behalf of America’s chicken producers, I want to thank President Trump for his leadership and for the tireless work of the administration, including Agriculture Secretary Perdue and U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer. After a year of negotiations, the time to act is now. We encourage swift Congressional consideration and passage of USMCA before Christmas.” 
National Chicken Council
“The NCC is pleased to see the addition of a textile and apparel chapter to the USMCA and inclusion of provisions to:  promote greater use of U.S. origin textile products, incentivize North American textile production, and strengthen customs enforcement in textile and apparel products." 
National Cotton Council of America 

“We are happy to hear a deal has been reached that should help pave the way for USMCA to move forward and we will continue to work for Congressional passage on a clean bill.” 
National Council of Textiles
“The agreement, entitled the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), contains a series of commitments of material importance to U.S. electroindustry manufacturers, including in the areas of market access, standards and conformity assessment, and regulatory cooperation.” 
National Electrical Manufacturers Association

“The NGFA and NAEGA are pleased USMCA maintains and expands current agricultural market access and preserves the dispute-settlement process for antidumping and countervailing duty cases, while modernizing the agreement to address the challenges of 21st century global trade." 
National Grain and Feed Association 

“The USMCA will benefit America's dairy sector by maintaining the overall U.S.-Mexico trading structure of the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), while incorporating new commitments to strengthen U.S. dairy export prospects throughout the North American region.” 
National Milk Producers Federation 

“We thank the administration for its diligent work to complete recent agreements that maintain zero-tariff access to three of U.S. pork’s top five markets.” 
National Pork Producers Council
"Restaurants across our nation rely on global supply chains and international trade to provide meals to millions of customers daily. USMCA will strengthen critical trade ties with our closest trading partners and ensure supply chain stability and manageable food costs for restaurants and consumers." 
National Restaurant Association
“This new pact takes many important steps toward giving us a modern trade agreement with our two neighboring countries and continues the trilateral framework that protects North American supply chains, supports millions of U.S. jobs and helps retailers provide American families with the products they need at prices they can afford.” 
National Retail Federation
“The USMCA is a win for the U.S. turkey industry, and with today’s announced agreement we’re one step closer to ratification. It’s taken a great deal of hard work to reach consensus on the USMCA, and we thank President Trump, Ambassador Lighthizer, Secretary Perdue, Speaker Pelosi and congressional leaders in both parties who have gotten us to this point.” 
National Turkey Federation
“When it comes to our digital economy, USMCA puts America first.” 

“The Pacific Northwest ships more than $500 million of apples, pears and cherries to customers in Mexico and Canada every year. USMCA is a win for our growers and the Northwest Horticultural Council supports Congress working through its legislative process so that USMCA can be implemented as rapidly as possible.” 
Northwest Horticultural Council
“USMCA will provide the industry with further opportunities to grow regionally and contribute to its competitiveness around the world.” 
Personal Care Products Council
 "…modernized trade agreement that sets the stage for greater certainty throughout the continent—certainty that will support continued business growth and innovation for the plastics industries of each party to the agreement.” 
Plastics Industry Association  

"As a leading exporter of agricultural, petrochemical, and energy products to Mexico and Canada, the Greater New Orleans region and all of Louisiana will benefit significantly from passage of USMCA, said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. “This new agreement will result in greater economic and job growth for foundational Louisiana sectors, and we look forward to capitalizing on the new opportunities this agreement will provide." –President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc., Michael Hecht

“We believe this agreement will help to solidify trilateral agreements between Canada and Mexico, which are the top two export destinations for the U.S. chemical industry. It also, gives us some certainty with respect to future tariffs and allows for better planning future growth in our industry.” –President and CEO of the Louisiana Chemical Association, Greg Bowser

“We applaud Congress for passage of USMCA,” said Brandy Christian, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans. “The Port of New Orleans, like other commercial enterprises, needs and depends upon a strong U.S. economy. Free and fair trade policies are the best way to promote growth in the U.S. and in our partnering countries. We continue to be strong advocates of all trade agreements, which reflect market realities and economic growth potentials for all involved - moreover creating certainty for those involved in trade worldwide. We look forward to the USMCA facilitating increased trade with both Canada and Mexico” –President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans, Brandy Christian

“Farmers and ranchers in Louisiana, and across the country, need USMCA to bring some consistency in trade following years of market uncertainty. Mexico and Canada are our cornerstone trading partners in agriculture. Without the work of our elected leaders in Louisiana and President Trump’s administration, these important trade relationships would be at risk of degrading. We look forward to the benefits this modernized partnership will bring Louisiana and our agricultural community. We appreciate the hard work of our delegation, especially that of Congressman Scalise as Minority Whip, for rallying support for this vital trade agreement." –President of Louisiana's Farm Bureau Federation, Ronnie Anderson

“It is important to note the inclusion of a “Small Business Chapter” present in this agreement.  This pioneering concept is a first in this or any other trade deal. Small businesses are the backbone of our economies.” 
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
“The USMCA will promote free trade, reaffirm America’s global technology and trade leadership, and ensure that more products made in America – including tech products like semiconductors –can be shipped to customers around the world.” 
Semiconductor Industry Association  

“The USMCA will create stability and growth for cross-border commerce with Canada and Mexico, and various provisions of the agreement are particularly helpful for small businesses.  As we have noted previously, maintaining this trilateral deal is critical for entrepreneurs and small business, as navigating one set of rules is more efficient and less cumbersome than dealing with two.” 
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
“The signing of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement is a major step forward in creating an open trading system in data.  We are pleased with the agreement’s cross-border data flow obligations, protections for source code/algorithms, and recognition that the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules system is a valid facilitator of cross-border data flows, including financial data, while protecting personal information.” 
Software & Information Industry Association 

"We are pleased to note that USMCA builds on the successes of NAFTA and modernizes several provisions that will bring it in line with subsequent agreements like DR-CAFTA. USMCA creates incentives that will lead to increased investment, employment, and export opportunities for U.S. textile manufacturers." 
Textile and Cotton Manufacturers

"If passed, the USMCA will encourage more materials in the automotive industry to be manufactured within the United States through new rules of origin. And within Michigan’s agriculture sector, the agreement secures fairer market access for farmers who take pride and rely on their Independent work styles." 
The Association of Independent Workers
“This agreement is a critical step toward protecting auto-related jobs, including those of the 137,000 Americans who make their living working for Toyota.” 
“The new USMCA will help to take time, cost and complexity out of trade between the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Specifically, the agreement will significantly improve customs regulations, spur the growth of e-commerce through new digital trade rules and support the participation of more small businesses in regional and global supply chains.” 

“The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) modernizes the previous trade agreement and will allow Black-owned businesses to be more competitive across borders. USMCA delivers on principles laid out in the USBC's 2018 BLACKprint, including expanded opportunities for Black-owned businesses and the protection of intellectual property abroad.” 
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.
“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind the USMCA, which is critical to maintaining strong economic growth in the U.S." 
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“Modernized provisions including those on digital trade and customs are key to allowing U.S. companies to continue to thrive in the North American market.” 
U.S. Council for International Business
"Lower tariffs mean greater exports for American manufacturers, farmers and the travel industry. Stronger trade with key trading partners in Canada and Mexico will generate faster US economic growth and job creation. The good that the USMCA will do ought to transcend politics. Congress should pass it as soon as possible." 
U.S. Travel Association
“America sent Mexico $1.4 billion in dairy goods last year, making it our biggest export destination. USMCA locks in this market, increases access to Canada, and makes important reforms to Canada’s dairy system. We thank the lawmakers who support USMCA and urge Congress to quickly pass the trade deal.”  
U.S. Dairy Export Council
“More than 330,000 jobs in Washington state are tied to trade with Canada and Mexico, and we believe this new agreement will expand opportunities for Washington companies and workers.”  
Washington Council on International Trade

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