Scalise: Dems Must Recognize Failed Impeachment and Move On

February 18, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel's The Story with Martha MacCallum to criticize Democrats for their refusal to accept the fact that President Trump has been rightfully acquitted of impeachment in the Senate. It's long overdue for Democrats to recognize their impeachment attempt failed and move on to the issues facing American families.

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On Democrats’ abuse of power to carry out a political vendetta against President Trump:

"[Democrats] are the party of impeachment. The Democrats have been talking about this since the day that the President and Melania Trump came down that escalator. They said they would impeach him. They didn't think he would get elected President. They tried to stop him. If you look, the FBI had people within, embedded within the FBI, trying to stop him from getting elected. That's where the investigation, by the way, ought to be if Pelosi really cared about uncovering anything. The fact that you had an agency, and it was only a small group of people there that were abusing their power.

"But why aren't they looking into that? That concerns me and a lot of people. We don't want that to happen again to any President whether it's the 2020 election or ever again. But then, you look at real abuse of power. In fact, it was one of the Democrats' star witnesses, Professor Turley, who said the real abuse of power is Democrats impeaching a President with no crime. There was no crime. They looked for a crime, they hoped for a crime, because they dislike this President. And you could see that with Speaker Pelosi, she's made it very personal. It's a vendetta. That's the abuse of power – what Speaker Pelosi is doing, wasting Congress' time, not working with the Republicans and the President to lower drug prices, or to get an infrastructure package, but instead to go after the President every single day because she doesn't agree with the 2016 election results."

On President Trump being acquitted for life, despite Speaker Pelosi suggesting otherwise:

"It's really sad when you watch it. You know, it's like again, the personal vendetta comes out. We should putting our personal differences on the side. You fight passionately for the things you believe in, but you shouldn't make things personal. And clearly, [Nancy Pelosi's] crossed that line. But again, the President was acquitted for life, go look at the vote. It really did happen. But ultimately, it was her case. You know it was the House case, the witnesses they brought. They didn't let [House Republicans] bring our own witnesses, by the way, Ed. We had a list of witnesses. We were guaranteed under House rules an entire day of hearings for the minority, and Speaker Pelosi shredded that rule like she ripped the State of the Union address.

"That's how little respect she had for witnesses being brought in the House. And then, it turns out they didn't make their case. The public didn't buy it because they saw through that this was a personal vendetta. There was no crime, and instead of just recognizing it and moving on, they talk about impeachment again because it's all they've got. Look, there's an election coming up in a few months, the people of this country will decide.

"I know [Democrats] are disappointed in their field. You can see it. They know that no matter who comes out of that socialist, Democrat primary, nobody is excited about the field. I was in Iowa. I was in New Hampshire. The Trump voters are passionately excited, and frankly, in larger numbers than we've ever seen, and the Democrat side is depressed. But you don't just keep harassing the President because you're disappointed in your own presidential field."

On the endless attempts to take down President Trump:

"I think the President learned just how corrupt some people in the deep state are. I mean, you look at some of these people, literally within federal agencies like the FBI, abusing their power to try to stop him from getting elected. That ought to frighten every American, Republican and Democrat, that’s what we should be concerned about."


"Look, the President made it very clear when you look at the Zelensky phone call, and ultimately, that's what this was about. It was a call between two people, President Trump and President Zelensky. Both people have been asked about this call multiple times and said it was a great call. The President talked about it as a perfect call. Zelensky appreciated President Trump's help and things like selling the Javelin missiles to defend themselves against Russia, which by the way, President Obama and Joe Biden wouldn't do. They wouldn't help the Ukraine stand up to Russia. So, Zelensky was very fine with the call. In fact, thanked President Trump for the help that he's given Ukraine. I wish President Obama had done that much.

"But again, the two people on the call both said it was a fine call. And yet, [Democrats’] answer was to impeach the President because they're afraid he's going to win again in 2020."


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