Scalise Leads Roundtable Discussion With Local Sheriffs as Nation Sees Uptick in Violent Crime

July 19, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.— On Friday, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) led a roundtable discussion with sheriffs from across Louisiana's First District to talk about the alarming increase in violent crime in cities across America and reinforced his support for local police departments as they work to keep communities and businesses safe. Whip Scalise and the sheriffs also discussed solutions to boost the number of men and women in law enforcement. Additionally, Whip Scalise denounced the dangerous "defund the police" movement being pushed by the radical left.

Coverage of Whip Scalise's roundtable with local law enforcement officials:


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“Congressman Steve Scalise met with Jefferson Parish law enforcement [on Friday]. They focused on the relationships between lawmakers and those enforcing the laws, plus the increase in violent crime — not just in Louisiana, but across the country. Scalise also spoke about the importance of transparency in the relationships between police officers and the community.”



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“Congressman Steve Scalise met with law enforcement officers from around southeast Louisiana to discuss some of their concerns and to find solutions. The roundtable was hosted by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and included representatives from St. Bernard, Orleans, St. Tammany, and other parishes in our area. Scalise said some of the big issues included trouble with recruitment and retention, support of law enforcement officers, spikes in violent crime, and low morale. Scalise also voiced his support for body cameras and restoring the public’s trust in law enforcement. He says he hopes to take this discussion back to Washington.”



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“As crime rates rise across the country, Representative Steve Scalise met with several sheriffs from across the southeast region of Louisiana to talk about some of the biggest challenges they face. Scalise said they talked about things happening on the ground and how law enforcement could get help on the federal level. Scalise also mentioned the importance of funding for technology like body cameras as well as other new technology that can help law enforcement solve crimes faster.”



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“Congressman Steve Scalise gathered sheriffs from across the metro for a law enforcement roundtable [on Friday]. Scalise says that crime is on the rise across the country, more officers are retiring, and it’s becoming harder and harder to attract new ones.”

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