Scalise: This two year anniversary is a day to remember the heroes

June 14, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On the two year anniversary of the Congressional Baseball Game practice shooting, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel's America's Newsroom and Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. to share his gratitude for all of the heroes responsible for saving his life and the lives of all those present at the practice. Whip Scalise is forever thankful for their actions and for the prayers from across the country that helped him during his recovery.

He then discussed the problems plaguing Congress as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats push forward radical socialist policies, while refusing to address real problems like the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. 

Read below for highlights from the interviews. 

On the two-year anniversary of the Congressional Baseball Game practice shooting and the heroes who saved his life:

"For me, it's a day to remember the heroes and the miracles that happened that day. There were so many heroes and I start with the United States Capitol Police, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, who both engaged the shooter, took him away from shooting at us. He wanted to kill all of us on that ball field. Thank God he wasn't able to. It is because of heroes like that. They were both shot during that shoot out and kept going at it. They epitomize what is great about law enforcement and, of course, the Virginia police officers that were there, too.

"There were other heroes, as well. Brad Wenstrup, my colleague from Ohio, who immediately came to apply a tourniquet that stopped the bleeding so that I could at least make it to the hospital alive. And, of course, all the doctors and the physical therapists who taught me how to walk again. I had to relearn how to walk."

On Speaker Nancy Pelosi being the true grim reaper of necessary legislation: 

"Look, what [Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell] is talking about is this radical socialism that you’re seeing Nancy Pelosi and her far left majority moving. They’ve moved bills to spend tens of billions of dollars on political campaigns, take away free speech rights, to attack religious freedom, to promote abortion on-demand with taxpayer money, even after the baby is born alive.
"That’s a radical agenda, so I’m glad that Mitch and our Senate majority over there are making sure that they are not letting that kind of radical legislation move forward. I would say, look at some of the things that should be moving through the House that aren’t.
"President Trump, weeks ago, sent down an emergency supplemental request because of this crisis at the border, where you literally have thousands of people a day coming across our border. It is totally strapped. …Right now, it’s somewhere around 200 plus children a day with serious health issues [trying to cross our border]. [The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services] are running out of money to take care of them. Literally, in a matter of days they are running out of money. They have told Congress to respond and Nancy Pelosi will not respond to that. Is she going to be the grim reaper to stop the funding that’s needed to take care of the health needs of those young children at the border?"

On the need for Congress to ratify USMCA:

“USMCA, this new agreement that President Trump negotiated with Mexico and Canada, is sitting there on the doorstep of Congress waiting to be dealt with. I’d like to see Congress move that and yet, it’s not. By the way, that’s thousands of American jobs that we’re waiting to have—more higher wages for our workers. We should be able to pass that, and we could pass that if Speaker Pelosi set a date.”

On the need for House Democrats to get to work solving the country's real problems: 
"Let’s get back to doing the work of the American people. There is a crisis at the border right now. The President submitted a request for emergency funding to take care of a lot of these kids that are coming over that have real serious, dire health needs. Speaker Pelosi won’t even bring that bill to the floor. It’s been over a month.
"Look, when Barack Obama asked us, when we were in the majority, for that kind of supplemental request for a crisis at the border, we responded in less than a month and passed the full amount that the President requested. It’s time for Speaker Pelosi to take action and deal with those real problems. Stop the name calling. Let’s get to work."

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