House Passes CR with Scalise Amendment to Defund, Delay Obamacare

September 20, 2013
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – The House today passed the Continuing Resolution (CR) with a provision authored by Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise to defund and delay President Obama’s health care law and protect the nation’s credit rating.

“Today’s vote is another step towards ensuring we properly fund government while defunding and delaying the President’s health care law and preventing a default on our nation’s debts,” Scalise said.  “Taking swift action towards these goals is vital to the economic future of our nation.  It’s now time for Senate conservatives to stand tall and unite their conference in this fight to protect American families from the devastating train wreck that is President Obama’s health care law.”

The Scalise Amendment fully delays and defunds President Obama’s health care law and protects the nation’s credit rating by incorporating an amended version of the House-passed Full Faith and Credit Act.

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