National D-Day Remembrance Day

June 4, 2008
Press Release

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise introduced a resolution expressing support for the designation of June 6, as National D-Day Remembrance Day and recognizing spirit, courage and sacrifice of the men and women who fought and won World War II.

“D-Day will forever be an important part of U.S. history, and the day deserves to be recognized. The men and women of the armed services who participated in the invasion are true American heroes,” Scalise said. “Dwight Eisenhower said on D-Day that American troops would ‘accept nothing less than full victory,’ and our troops did just that.” 

The resolution also recognizes The National World War II Museum in New Orleans. The museum was dedicated in 2000 and designated the museum as “America’s National World War II Museum” in 2003. The museum has welcomed 1,800,000 visitors since its opening, and currently sees an average of 17,000 visitors a month.

“I wholeheartedly support Congressman Scalise’s resolution as a testimony to one of the great days in American history and a pivotal point of WWII.  Everything before June 6 1944 was different from everything that followed which led to our final victory in May 1945.  Some historians regard June 6, 1944 not only as a turning point of the war in Europe, but a turning point for the entire war,” said Dr. Nick Mueller, President and CEO of the National World War II Museum.

“New Orleans is proud to be home of the National World War II Museum. I’ve visited the museum several times and it is a great educational experience.” Scalise said.

Congressman Scalise recently co-sponsored a bill that would authorize $50 million for the National World War II Museum.

To read the full text of the resolution, please click here.


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