Scalise bill eliminating burdensome TWIC rules sails through House Committee

May 9, 2012 Issues: Maritime

Washington, D.C. – A bill to eliminate burdensome Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) rules authored by Congressman Steve Scalise sailed through the Homeland Security Committee earlier today, passing unanimously with broad bipartisan support.  Scalise’s bill, H.R 3173, eliminates red tape and burdensome requirements in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) process.

“Nearly 2 million American workers currently receive Transportation Worker Identification Credentials and my bill will eliminate the unnecessary requirement for an approved applicant to appear multiple times at a TWIC office, sometimes located hundreds of miles away, when a single visit can accomplish the same purpose,” Scalise said.  “I’m proud to spearhead the effort to remove this unnecessary and time consuming roadblock in the TWIC application process, and will continue working to protect the nearly 2 million maritime and transportation industry workers from harmful regulations and red tape.”

Current Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations require that TWIC applicants make at least two separate trips to an enrollment center, first to enroll for, and then to pick up and activate their TWIC.  Card holders must repeat the same process to renew their TWIC.  In some cases the nearest enrollment center can be hundreds of miles away, requiring a time consuming and expensive trip.

Thousands of maritime and transportation workers will see their TWICs expire later this year, triggering at least two more time consuming and costly back-and-forth trips to the nearest TWIC enrollment center if the Scalise legislation is not adopted. Eventually two million workers across the country will be required to follow suit, repeating the initial TWIC enrollment and activation process all over again.

The Scalise bill requires the Department of Homeland Security to reform the TWIC process to require only one in-person visit to a TWIC enrollment center.