Scalise At Leadership Press Stakeout: 'We’re Standing Up For Our Heroes'

May 23, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At a House Republican Leadership press conference today, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) discussed yesterday's attack in Manchester, the House's actions to combat human trafficking, standing up for our veterans as Memorial Day approaches, and the President's budget. 

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On yesterday’s attack in Manchester…

Like the Speaker said, my prayers and support go out to the people of the United Kingdom who were the victims of this cowardly attack. Once again, we’ve seen the evil face of terrorism and it unites us all towards that common bond of fighting and continuing to remember just what they are trying to do—destroy our way of life. They are not going to be successful in doing that because we will continue to fight back against them.”

On House action to combat human trafficking…

“This week we are taking strong action to stand up and fight against human trafficking. Whether people realize it or not, it’s something that touches every community in our nation. We have seen just how prevalent it is and we’ve got some important bills up. Of course, you’ve seen Susan Brooks and Jackie Walorski talk about the steps that we’re going to take to…stand up for the victims of sexual assault and human trafficking.”

On Memorial Day…

“As Memorial Day approaches, we’re standing up for our heroes. Veterans have had so many struggles with the VA not being held accountable and not doing right by the very veterans they are paid to serve. We are going to continue to give more options to our veterans. The legislation that is moving forward this week is going to be one more step to help our veterans who gave so much for us.”

On the budget…

“Later today we expect the President’s budget to be unveiled, and, like any presidential budget, anybody can find something that they would support or that they would do differently. But, I think one of the most encouraging things is that we’ve got a President now in Donald Trump who is bringing forward a budget that actually focuses on getting our economy back on track, on growing the economy, and ultimately, getting back to a balanced federal budget.

“That’s something we haven’t seen for the past eight years. Every single budget that Barack Obama would present to Congress, not one of those budgets got to balance. [This] showed, not only his fiscal irresponsibility but the fact that he wasn’t willing to force Washington to live within its means…He wasn’t focused on getting the economy back on track. So we had sluggish growth, we had stagnant wages for working families all across the country. Finally, we’re shifting over to a President in Donald Trump that recognizes that Washington has to live within its means and we have to create economic growth for families so they can finally, once again, be part of the American Dream.

“I look forward to working with the President so we can move our budget forward and achieve that same balance."


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