Scalise on Obama press conference: “Like a person who burned down your house later showing up with an empty bucket”

November 14, 2013
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement after President Barack Obama’s health care press conference.

“President Obama has offered no solutions to help the millions of American families who are losing the good health care plans that they liked,” Scalise said.  “This hollow press conference was like a person who burned down your house, later showing up with an empty bucket and talking about how inadequate your house was before the fire.  President Obama blatantly misled the American people when he kept promising they could keep plans they liked even though he and his Administration knew three years ago that millions would lose their health care under this law.  It is time for President Obama to admit his broken health care law has failed, and join with House Republicans to suspend the penalties and stop this train wreck before it's too late.”

The RSC’s alternative health care bill gained its 105th cosponsor earlier today. More information on this practical and pragmatic approach to reforming American health care can be found here.

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