Scalise passes amendment on House Floor holding Administration accountable for refusal to issue permits

July 27, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise today spearheaded an effort to hold the Administration accountable for their radical permitorium and their failure to efficiently issue drilling permits.

“The Obama Administration continues to waste taxpayer money denying American energy producers the permits they need to go back to work,” Scalise said.  “It is time we hold this Administration accountable for their radical policies that are killing American jobs, increasing prices at the pump, and making our country more dependent on Middle Eastern oil.  Because of President Obama’s reckless moratorium, and now ‘permitorium’ on offshore oil and gas energy exploration, over 350 offshore oil and gas leases will expire this year, shutting off the spigots of American energy.  Today’s passage by the House of my amendment sends a strong message to the Obama Administration that we won’t sit by and let them waste taxpayer money denying the right to work to people who play by the rules.”

Click here to watch Congressman Scalise present his amendment on the House Floor


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