Scalise Statement on Jones Act Developments

Jan 29, 2017 Issues: National Security

METAIRIE, La.— Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) issued the following statement regarding actions taken by Customs and Border Control (CPB) regarding the Jone Act:

“I applaud the corrective action taken last week by US Customs and Border Protection that supports the rule of law and reinforces the federal government's compliance with the Jones Act. This corrective action is the right thing to do for Louisiana workers and will also benefit the American economy. In addition, unlike so many job-killing regulations and rules the Obama Administration issued on its way out the door, this agency ruling from Customs actually reverses some of the economic damage the Obama Administration allowed to take place on its watch. It will help to ensure the oil and natural gas industry in the Gulf, which is vital to local and national economic growth, will continue to have a robust supply of U.S. crews and vessels to strengthen America's energy security and help bring reliable energy to families across the nation.”