Supplemental Appropriations Includes Money for Hurricane Recovery Project

June 19, 2008
Press Release

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise today announced that critical hurricane recovery will be included in the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill to be voted on before the U.S. House of Representatives later today.

“I am pleased that the Democratic leadership has chosen not to delay this bill any longer. Our troops in the field will now have the resources they need to be successful in the war on terror,” Scalise said. “This bill will also do a lot for Louisiana, especially regarding hurricane recovery projects that will specifically benefit Southeast Louisiana. I have fought tirelessly for several projects, some of which are contained in the bill including $5.8 billion for levees to build 100-year flood protection, along with a requirement for the Corps of Engineers to provide an official cost estimate on the ‘Pump to the River’ project.”

The House amended version of the Senate’s bill will include some but not all of the more than $8 billion for domestic spending that would have benefited Louisiana’s hurricane recovery. The House plans to vote on this bill later this afternoon.

“I am very disappointed that House Democrats left out critical funding for our regional hospitals, as well as the 30-year pay back provision for the local cost share for levees, and funding for crime prevention. This battle is not over, and I will continue to fight for this additional funding,” Scalise said. “The good news about these projects is that they have strong support from the entire delegation and we will keep our recovery needs at the forefront.”

Following is a list of projects that were agreed to last night by House Republican and Democratic leadership.

Levees and flood protection projects:

• $2.896 billion for Corps of Engineers construction of area levees, including:
• $1.077 billion for Lake Ponchartrain and vicinity levees
• $920 million for West Bank and vicinity levees
• $838 million for the Southeast Louisiana Urban Drainage project
• $3.152 billion for other flood control and coastal emergencies, including:
• $704 million for 17th Street, Orleans, and London canals and pumps
• $90 million for storm-proofing interior pump stations
• $459 million for armoring critical elements of the New Orleans hurricane and storm damage reduction system
• $53 million for the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal
• $456 million for Non-Federal Levees in Plaquemines Parish
• $412 million for flood walls in Lake Ponchartrain & Vicinity and West Bank & Vicinity projects
• $393 million for repair and restoration of floodwalls
• $359 million to complete Lake Ponchartrain, West Bank, and New Orleans to Venice
• $298M for the Corps to restore navigation channels and harbors to pre-storm conditions

Pump to the River

Language retained in the compromise bill will require the Corps to provide Congress with cost estimates for the “Pump to the River” project. “Pump to the River” would divert water runoff in Hoey’s Basin to the Mississippi River instead of to Lake Ponchartrain.

Housing Vouchers

The bill will also include $73 million dollars for 3,000 units of permanent supportive housing for residents who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina.


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