Walmart Gives $13.7 Million in Bonuses to LA Workers Because of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Mar 8, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Walmart, Louisiana's largest private employer, is giving $13.7 million in bonuses this month to its more than 37,000 statewide employees as a result of tax reform.

Walmart is just one of the more than 400 companies delivering bonuses, increasing wages and improving benefits for employees as a result of Republicans' efforts to roll-back taxes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Earlier this year, the company announced it would increase the starting wage for all hourly associates to $11, expand maternity and parental leave benefits, and provide a cash bonus of $1,000 for eligible associates, benefitting more than one million employees nationwide.

With millions of Americans seeing bonuses, increased wages and better benefits as a result of tax reform, it's clear the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is no "Armageddon." 

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