Scalise statement on the canonization day of Pope John Paul II

April 26, 2014
Press Release

Metairie, LA – Congressman Steve Scalise released the following statement as the Catholic Church declared Pope John Paul II to be a saint today.

“As a lifelong Catholic, I know that the canonization of Pope John Paul II will inspire others to deepen their faith, to find good in the world, and to overcome adversity,” Scalise said. “Pope John Paul II was a cornerstone of the Catholic faith and a transformational figure in world history.  The Vatican’s decision to expedite his canonization reflects the spiritual impact he had on the world during his more than 25 years of service as the Pope.

One of the many examples of his positive impact includes the partnership he developed with President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that helped combat communism and bring a peaceful end to the Cold War.  His influence especially touched New Orleans during his 1987 visit to our city, during which he prayed at the historic St. Louis Cathedral and conducted a youth rally at the Louisiana Superdome that inspired thousands.  Pope John Paul II was an inspirational leader in the Church and throughout the world, and we should strive to be more like him every day. His legacy will carry on forever as he goes marching in to sainthood on this historic day.”

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